Protect the climate, biodiversity and natural resources, while meeting the needs of industrial players involved in the environmental impact of their activity.

This is the objective of TechnoCarbon® France and its product, CarbonFibreStone® (CFS®).

The building industry

0 nd
most co2-emitting industry
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of buildings are made of concrete
0 million
tons of cement produced in france and 4.6 billion tons worldwide
0 million
tons of steel made in france and 1.8 billion tons worldwide

Composite materials,
the future!

The construction market is experiencing a (r)evolution of composite materials.

Developed taking into account the constraints of the modern world, most emerging materials seek to combine cutting-edge technology and environmental virtues.

The TechnoCarbon® vision

TechnoCarbon® has imagined, developed and patented an innovative composite material made from granite or basalt stones and carbon fiber.

Faced with the challenges of the climate emergency, CFS® is an ideal and effective response to the problems of building with a reduced carbon footprint.

The genesis of the project

The story begins in Germany in 1999 when Kolja Kuse invented and developed CFS®. He founds and bases TCT Gbr in Munich.

In 2017, during his research as an expert reviewer for the IPCC report, Stephan Savarese made an essential observation: The creation of two carbon sinks, one in agroforestry and the other in construction, proves to be indispensable to limit global warming to +1.5°C (the work will be published later in Chapter 4 of the IPCC SR-15 report, approved on October 8, 2018).

While searching for new profitable, and sustainable business models to scale up carbon sinks, Stephan Savarese met Kolja Kuse, inventor of the CFS®.

From this meeting was born one year later, TechnoCarbon®, a startup responsible for the development, commercialisation and industrialisation of CFS®.

A team of experts

In France, the development of TechnoCarbon® relies on a team of multidisciplinary experts:

Stephan Savarese

President & Founder

Stéphane Astic

General Manager

Laure Monnoyer-Decaudaveine

Public Relations VP

Andrew Shagrin

Chairman of the Board

Christophe Legros

Member of the Board - Industrial Strategy Advisor

Elodie Robin

Member of the Board - Aerospace & Defense business development, fundraising expert with a MENA focus

Orhiane Savarese

Marketing & Business Development Advisor

Malek Belaid

Member of the Board - Entrepreneurship Advisor

Kolja Kuse

Inventor and technical advisor